May 17, 2009

Knight Restaurant, Burbank

Located on the busy San Fernando Road in Burbank, Knight Restaurant is easy to miss. This small Greek Mediterranean restaurant has a few tables outside, where I prefer to dine on a Saturday afternoon and just enough tables inside to handle a lunch rush. Knight has become a regular spot of mine whenever I am in Burbank. The kitchen area is at the front of the restaurant with lots of windows for patrons walking by to get a glimpse of the dishes being prepared. There is always chicken and beef shawarma rotating in the background hoping to draw in some patrons walking by.


Greek Salad

The salads are already arranged and chilling inside the refrigerator. The plate is covered with roman lettuce, topped with feta cheese, slices of cucumbers, slice of Roma tomato, an olive, a spice mixture and grape seed oil and vinegar dressing. The grape seed oil gives the salad a very rich flavor which is well balanced with the vinegar. The salad is fresh and a good start to the meal.

Pita Breads

The store bought pita breads are served warm in a basket. The breads go very well with mutabale.


The mutable is made at the restaurant and served on a small plate topped with oil and cumin. The mutable has a wonderfully creamy consistency and a good balance of eggplant and tahini. This is one of the best I have had and a dish I always order.


The six neatly wrapped sarmas are arranged on a bed of roman lettuce with a side of cool cucumber yogurt dip. The dip was very tart and a nice compliment to the stuffed grape leaves, which are served warm. The grape leaves had a nice smokey flavor to it and were stuffed with rice and spice mixture. These disappeared quickly.

Lule Kabob

The lule kabob plate comes with a choice of soup or salad and is served on a large plate with two lule kabobs, basmati rice, a roasted Roma tomato, and grilled onions. The lule kabob is ground beef flavored with spices and cooked on a grill. The meat is moist and well seasoned. The rice is very aromatic and I usually like to cut open the tomato and mix it with the rice and grilled onions. Some rice mixture with a few pieces of lule kabob wrapped in a piece of pita bread is my favorite way to enjoy this dish. Although I have had better lule kabob, this is still a great dish.

Chicken Gyro Special

The chicken gyro has been a lunch special every weekend I have dined at Knight. This is my favorite item at the restaurant and the best priced. The special comes with a Greek salad and a huge gyro. Served in a thick, soft pita bread with caramelized onions, tomato slices, lettuce, hommos and generous amount of chicken shawarma, this is the best chicken gyro I have had. The chicken has great flavor and is so moist. The warmth of the chicken heats up the hommos and pita bread, making for a perfect bite. I could pass on the lettuce as they do not add anything to the gyro. I usually like to pick them out and enjoy the gyro without it. If you do stop at Knight and the chicken gyro special is on the board, I would highly recommend it.

The food is always consistent with the same chef behind the kitchen and the same woman running back and forth between the back and front of the restaurant delivering freshly made treats. The prices are great, especially the lunch specials and you get a lot of food. Lately, there is only one waiter running the front of house, and if the restaurant gets busy, the service might be a little slow. The staff is nice and the food is terrific.

Knight Restaurant
138 N San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA 91502

There is limited parking on San Fernando Road, but plenty of parking in free garages.

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s. stockwell said...

I have friends in Burbank. I'll spread the word. Thanks, s

Pinkfoodie said...

Hi s.stockwell - thank you for spreading the word. I hope your friends enjoy it as much as I do. :)