September 24, 2012

The Parish (Closed), Los Angeles

The Parish is a two story gastropub wedged between Spring and Main street in downtown Los Angeles. There is a casual cafe setting downstairs and a more sophisticated dining space upstairs making it a good spot to meet friends after work or to go for date night. The food and drink menus are simple and straight forward. There is definitely something for everyone from deviled eggs to pigs feet and vodka to bourbon. If I lived downtown, The Parish would be one of my regular spots.

Russian Tulip
The red one is the Russian Tulip, made with vodka, lemon juice, grenadine and bitters. The drink was very light with a tang from the lemon juice. Went really well with everything we ordered. 

The marrow was super fatty and delicious. The brightness of the celery salad was a nice addition to cut the richness of the marrow. The dish also came with two giant pieces of buttered toast. 

The clam was one of my favorites because of the scrumptious sauce made with leeks, sherry and saffron. The toast was helpful in soaking up everything after we ate all the clams. 

Poutine Fried Oysters
I usually prefer my oysters raw, but these fried oysters were very good. The oysters were still moist and the batter didn't over power the flavor. The poutine was also quite tasty since the fries were able to soak up the flavors of the garlicy gravy. 

The Parish - Closed
240 S. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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