December 14, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Food Fight, Los Angeles

Saturday was the much anticipated Marvel vs Capcom 3 Food Fight. In the red corner representing Marvel was Chef Ludo.

In the blue corner representing Capcom was Chef Greenspan.

There were over 400 fans waiting outside the Kim Sing Theater to experience the new game and sample the comic book character inspired food. Some even slept overnight for a chance to play the game.

Inside the venue were six stations where fans could try the new game with arcade controls. With the game set to release on February 15th of next year, the fans at this event received a very special opportunity. Early arrivals received a blue or red Marvel vs Capcom apron of their choice and tickets to vote for their favorite comic character inspired food.

Fans lined up to play the game while the crew from Gram and Papa's supplied the gaming snacks.

Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


Brisket Mac 'n Cheese

When the MC announced the opening of the food trucks some fans moved outside to form a line, while most fans stayed inside for a chance to play the game. It was easy to tell that the crowd was there for the game and not so much the food.

Chef Ludo's Hulk Burger with fries and radioactive green ketchup

The homemade spinach buns and the three meat patty stuffed with velveeta cheese gave this burger a special touch. The bun was flavorful, soft and held up nicely to the meaty patty and oozing cheese. The burger was super juicy and well seasoned. The green ketchup tasted fresh and better than the red stuff. The fries were well seasoned and very small to make the burger look huge. Everything about the burger screamed the Hulk.

and Chef Greenspan's Ryu Fireball seared tuna, griddled bao, spicy miso sauce, cabbage, pork cracklin'

The store bought buns were grilled on the inside and gave the bao a gummy texture. The tuna was fresh and paired with a delicious sauce. The flavors were great, but the gummy bao took away from the overall quality of the dish. The dish didn't remind me of the comic book character.

While the fan votes were being tallied, the four judges shared their thoughts on the food.

Left to right: Joy Yoon,
Betty Hallock, Patrick Green and Adam Sessler

The judges unanimously favored the Hulk Burger over the Ryu Fireball as the dish that best represented the comic book character. Although spiciness seemed to be the only missing ingredient in the Ryu Fireball. Adam Sessler from G4 didn't get to vote because the 400 servings of burgers and 300 servings of Ryu Fireball were all devoured before he got there.

It was ultimately up to the fans to pick the winner and with a vote of 154 to 140 the winner was the Hulk Burger.

Ice cream sandwiches by CoolHaus arrived just in time as everyone was feeling the 80 plus degree heat in the middle of December.

The chocolate chip cookies were just the right thickness and the vanilla ice cream was cool and creamy. The truck was also there to make sandwiches to order with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 wrappers. A great way to end an entertaining day at the food fight.


Mark @ iFlipForFood said...

Oh boy... Cool Haus Sandwiches? I knew I should have stuck around...


Pink Foodie said...

Mark: Thanks for stopping by. I don't blame you for taking off earlier. It was like a sauna in there.