February 11, 2011

San Carlo Italian Deli

Every neighborhood has an Italian deli that stands out from the rest. For one portion of the San Fernando Valley, that deli is San Carlo Italian Deli. Owned and operated by Italian immigrant Giovanni Roberto and his family, this deli has been serving up great food to locals since the 70's. Unfortunately, the original location burned down and the deli relocated to the current location in 1992.

The deli is modest and small, but offers a large selection of meats, homemade sausages and freshly baked breads. Every aisle is filled with imported goods from Italy and the meat case only holds the highest quality products. Someone from the Roberto family is always behind the counter and greets every customer with the same familiarity and enthusiasm. You will feel like a regular on your first visit.

If there was one item on the menu that I cannot resist, it is the panzerotti. The pizza like dough is stuffed with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and fried to golden perfection. The outside is crunchy, but the inside is doughy and oozing cheesy goodness. Native New Yorkers have told me it reminds them of a New York pizza. This is the perfect appetizer to share between two people because eating the whole thing will leave you with no room for a sandwich or pasta.
Pastrami Sandwich
6.99 large

The toasted roll is packed with thin slices of juicy and flavorful pastrami. The tangy mustard and pickles are the perfect compliment. The juices from the pastrami is soaked up by the bread, but it doesn't make it soggy. It can be a messy sandwich, which only makes it better to eat.

San Carlo Special
6.99 large

The freshly baked roll is filled with
salami, mortadella, capicola, provolone cheese and dressed with mustard, mayo, tomato and lettuce. This is a good cold cut sandwich, although a few more slices of deli meat would make it even better.

Overall, going to San Carlo is like going to grandma's house. The food is made with love and care which makes it a comfort to eat. The taste and quality are an added bonus. Their food won't change your life, but the ambiance makes it better than other deli's in town. The next time you are in the area, stop by San Carlo for a bite to eat.

San Carlo Italian Deli
10178 Mason Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311

ParkingPlenty of parking in the private lot shared by several businesses.

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