June 24, 2011

Pink Taco, Century City

Pink Taco is located on the third floor of the popular Century City mall. If you've ever driven down the Santa Monica side of the mall, chances are you've seen the eye catching sign. Restaurant might not be the first thought that pops in mind, but the name will definitely start a conversation about the establishment. When Kevin from Pink Taco invited us to try their food we jumped at the opportunity. The restaurant has a new executive chef in the kitchen and plan on opening another location on Sunset where Miyagi's used to be.
The restaurant is huge with a very eye catching bar and a room surrounded by beads. The atmosphere screams fun and unwind. There is also a great patio with heaters for a nice outdoor atmosphere. The patio space would be perfect for a large party or after work cocktails with friends.

El Talache
Since Pink Taco is know for their margaritas, we had to try a few. This was a very light and refreshingly smooth margarita. It tastes almost like a mojito in a way with a stronger lime flavor. The rim of the glass had salt and pepper on it, which was a nice touch.

Being a big watermelon fan, I had to give this margarita a try. The watermelon flavor was very subtle and the drink was dominated by the tequila flavor. The chunks of watermelon soaked up all the alcohol. It's a good drink, but a little more watermelon flavor would be great.

Chips and Salsa
The chips are freshly made at the restaurant as well as the chunky salsa made with tomatoes, lime, cilantro, yellow onions and green onions. The chips were crunchy with just enough salt to bring out the corn flavor and not at all greasy. We had to refrain from eating the entire basket.

Fried Calamari
The calamari had a thicker crust than usual with some tender and some chewy pieces. This dish was just average and not something we would order on our next visit. The jalapeno aioli had a nice flavor and not too spicy.

Hornitos Lime Shrimp
This was our favorite appetizer. The large shrimps were cooked just right with the tail still on. The garlic sauce was tangy and very addicting. The bread was crunchy, but also spongy enough to soak up all the sauce. The lime flavor came through in every bite. Next time, we might order a side of rice to go with this dish so the garlic sauce doesn't go to waste.

Sabana de Pollo
When this dish arrived, we couldn't believe all the food that was on the plate. This dish was the best value for the price. The thin slices of grilled chicken are at the bottom of the plate and topped with black beans, sauce, cheese, caramelized onions, pico de gallo and roasted serranos. The dish was a flavor explosion and one of the best chicken dishes I've had in a while. The chicken breasts were tender and the caramelized onions added a wonderful sweetness to the dish.

Lobster Dulce Enchiladas
This was the dish we looked forward to the most during our meal. The idea of a sweet lobster enchilada was intriguing and difficult to imagine. When the plate arrived, we were both eager to dig in and almost forgot to take pictures. Upon cutting into the enchiladas, the first thing that jumped out was the generous amount of lobsters inside. Once we took a bite, we knew we were in love with this dish. The tortilla was tender and thin, the lobster meat was perfectly cooked, the sauce was creamy and sweet, but not over powering with a nice kick at the end that left a warmth in our mouths after every bite.

The enchiladas also came with beans and rice on a separate plate, which we almost forgot about because the enchilada was so good on its own. The beans held its shape on the plate, but it was very tender. The rice was toothsome with a slightly tangy tomato flavor. It's worth noting that the beans and rice here are cooked without lard to keep it vegetarian friendly.

Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos
Each taco was built on a corn tortilla topped with romaine lettuce, a large piece of grilled mahi mahi, cucumber, guacamole and a segment of grapefruit. The romaine lettuce didn't add anything to the dish and took up a lot of room, but everything else worked very well on the taco. The fish was cooked and seasoned well and the other toppings gave the taco a nice balance, including the slightly bitter flavor of the grapefruit.

Dessert Menu
Warm Brownie Sundae
Since the restaurant ran out of their popular dessert churrositos, our waitress suggested the warm brownie sundae. It was an excellent suggestion because the sundae turned out to be one of the best we've tasted in a while. The dessert was served inside a cast iron skillet to keep the brownie warm and soft. The texture of the brownie was melt in your mouth, almost like the inside of a lava cake. The ice cream added nice creaminess, which was cut by the raspberry compote. A well balanced and tasty dessert.

Overall, the food, service and atmosphere at Pink Taco were beyond our expectations. The hornitos shrimp, sabana chicken and lobster dulce left us wanting to try more of the dishes on the menu. The prices a slightly higher, but the food will help you forget that and the atmosphere will melt your worries away. If you have friends in town and want to show them a good time, take them to Pink Taco for great alcohol selection and tasty food. We'll definitely be back soon.

4 out of 5 Stars

10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067

3 hours free in the garage underneath the mall.

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the actor's diet said...

i was really surprised how much i liked this place too!

tom said...

It is a Pink Taco is located on the third floor of the popular Century City mall..It is a great patio with heaters for a nice outdoor atmosphere.

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