July 25, 2011

Versaille Cuban Restaurant, Encino

Versaille is a local Cuban restaurant know for its famous roast chicken and basket of garlic toast. There are four locations scattered throughout the city and every one I've been to was jam packed at dinner time. This location located in the San Fernando Valley on a fairly busy stretch of Ventura Blvd. We met some friends for dinner and waited about 20 minutes to be seated. The restaurant is one large dining room with minimal decorations and lots of tables and chairs to maximize the space.

It had been over five years since our last trip to Versaille and I couldn't wait for the basket of garlic toast. They weren't as buttery and garlicky as I remembered. The toast we received were barely covered and tasted more plain than garlic toast. They used to be drenched in the stuff, but I suppose the new version is better for my arteries.

Famoso Pollo Versailles

The half roasted chicken arrived with a huge pile of onions and a side of plantains. The aroma of the tangy garlic sauce swimming on the plate was mouthwatering. The chicken was juicy and moist and the sliced onions added a crunchy texture and slight sweetness to balance the sauce. The dish also came with a side of black beans and a plate of rice, which were good.

Bistec De Pollo

The chicken steak was served with the same garlic sauce as the roasted chicken and topped with caramelized onions. This dish also came with beans, rice and plantains. The steak was very thin and a little overcooked, which made it dry. It did taste good mixed in with the sauce, rice and beans.

Overall, Versaille definitely took the edge off my craving for Cuban food, but I am looking forward to my next trip to Miami for some of the best Cuban food I have ever had. The tangy garlic sauce is very addicting and the portions were big. The ambiance was casual and the dining room was very loud at full capacity.

17410 Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316

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