March 6, 2013

Palsaik, Koreatown Los Angeles

With so many restaurant options in Korea Town it can be hard to pick a spot and that's why I turn to my resident K-town friends. On this adventure, we ended up at Palsaik, better known as the 8 flavor pork belly spot. There are many restaurants know for pork belly, but what sets Palsaik apart from the rest is the 8 flavors. Get a set that comes with all flavors or pick a choose the flavors you like. Of course, the best way to figure out what you like is to order the full set and make mental flavor notes for your next visit.

8 flavors of pork belly set (wine, original, garlic, ginseng, herb, curry, miso, red pepper)

For $49.99, you get 8 pieces of pork belly all marinaded in a different flavor, unlimited refills on bean sprouts and kimchi for the grill and the usual banchan.  But wait, you also get a pot of seafood soybean stew. There is enough to feed three hungry adults. Of course, if you can eat more pork belly after that, you can order more flavors a la carte. 

Each slice of pork belly had a distinct flavor and had spent enough time marinading before hitting the grill. It was tender, juicy and oh so fatty. The stand outs were wine, ginseng and garlic. 

Can't beat ending a meal with seafood stew and rice. There's enough seafood to go around and a good variety as long as you don't care about what ends up in your bowl.  

Palsaik is a fun spot to get a different kind of pork belly fix with friends. 

863 S Western Ave 
Los Angeles, CA

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