February 24, 2014

Becco, New York

Becco opened its doors in 1993 by Lidia and Joe Bastianich. Today, the packed restaurant and long wait is a testament to the quality of food, exceptional service and unforgettable experience offered at Becco. Located on the popular restaurant row, the eatery draws in many theater lovers before and after the show as well as tourists. The one story restaurant offers limited outdoor seating, a bar with several tables, and a long dinning room with a front and back area divided by the kitchen. The bar section is ideal for people dining alone or on a business trip. Friendly bartenders and diners with a few drinks in them make it easy to strike up a conversation. The staff is so welcoming and friendly, the first time I walked into the bar at Becco, I felt like a regular.

Becco offers probably one of the best dinner deals in town with its pasta tasting menu. For less than $23, you get an assortment of cold appetizers, a salad and unlimited pasta tasting. On top of the tasting deal, there is a $25 wine list to encourage diners to pick the best wine to go with their meal instead of the least expensive wine on the list. Becco really has is all. A lively and cheerful ambiance, warm staff, good food and well priced drinks. What more can one ask for? 

Here's a full run down of the $22.95/per person pasta tasting:

Complimentary bread
Let's not forge the bread basket.

Antipasto Misto

The pasta tasting started off with an assortment of seafood and grilled vegetables. Every ingredient tasted fresh and was allowed to shine in its natural form. There were no fancy sauces or special cookery. As you can probably tell, the portions were very generous. 

Insalata Cesare
The salad was very simple and so good. The crisp romaine was slightly sweet and lightly dressed in a classic caesar dressing. The croutons were perfectly crunchy and airy. It was finished with a sprinkle of grated Grana Padano.

Once we got through the antipasto and salad, our waiter brought over a clean plate and informed us the pasta would be coming shortly. Within a minute of him leaving, a server came by with a giant bowl of pasta followed by another server and then another. Three different pastas are served every night and during our visit they made rigatoni with pesto, spaghetti with shrimp and ravioli. We sampled all three and the favorites were the rigatoni and ravioli. The pastas do loose a little something when large batches make their way out of the kitchen and get walked around the dining room, but part of the experience is seeing waiters hustling around the restaurant serving these pasta table side. 

Becco NYC
355 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

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