January 12, 2015

Menu Carte Blanche at Frenchie, Paris (2nd Arr)

Frenchie, not to be confused with Frenchie a Vins or Frenchie To Go, is Chef and owner Gregory Marchand's acclaimed restaurant in Paris showcasing "new bistro" cooking.
The small and intimate restaurant serves dishes focused on the flavors of market fresh ingredients. The playful, balanced and thoughtful food makes this a must visit in Paris.

The atmosphere was warm, vibrant and comfortable. The staff was incredibly accommodating, not overly attentive and all very nice. Chef Marchand could be found in the dining room at times speaking with customers and delivering dishes. That made the experience all the more special and memorable. 

5 course tasting with wine
€65, plus €50 for wine pairing
Caroline, the sommelier made some terrific pairings for this meal and I would recommend the pairing with the tasting menu.

Smoked trout tartare - Domaine Vacheron Sancerre
This dish was vibrant, balanced and perfect with the sauvignon blanc. The smoked trout tartare was flavored with a variety of citrus from yuzu to lemons from the South of France. Served with creme fraiche, sliced radishes and a bright green sauce made with kohlrabi, fennel and celery. 

Cauliflower - Domaine Eric Morgat Savennières Fidès 2012
Crunchy, sweet, tangy and savory. The dish had a lot of components, yet still highlighted the roasted cauliflower. The sweetness from the dates mixed with the tang and saltiness from the capers and add in the texture of the red quinoa and almonds made every bite different and exciting.

Duck foie gras - Domaine Laurent Cazottes , Liqueur de Guignes, 2012
This dish was a stand out because of the great pairing. The smooth, rich foie gras with sweet fig chutney, and lightly pickled chanterelles was perfectly complimented by the cherry liquer.

Brill - Tenuta Di Valgiano Palistorti Toscana 2013
A wonderful introduction to brill. The fish was slightly sweeter in flavor and cooked just right. Served with juice of unripe grapes, turnip and radish. 

Beef - Bodega Suertes del Marqués 7 Fuentes
The beef flavor was surprisingly mild, but the meat was very tender and fatty. Served with grilled red cabbage, corn puree and picked red pepper. 

Dessert - Parcé Frères Soierie de Rivesaltes 1996
The soft fig cake and light creme cheese topped with shiso leaves was a wonderful conclusion to a terrific meal. 

Tip: Make a reservation using La Fourchette. 

Frenchie Restaurant
5-6 Rue du Nil 
75002 Paris, France

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