April 24, 2015

Beyond the Beef Double Dip at Philippe the Original, Los Angeles

Philippe the Original is one of the most well known restaurants in Los Angeles and most famous for their french dipped sandwiches.
What many don't know is that Philippe the Original is also a popular breakfast spot amongst locals and that they have a lot more to offer than the beef french dipped sandwich. Most recently, they added a pastrami sandwich to the menu, which I got to try on a recent visit hosted by the restaurant. 

During my visit, I had the opportunity to check out the magic behind the scenes and witnessed a pan of beef being pulled out of the oven after cooking for 3 hours. The aroma was intoxicating. It's no wonder the restaurant goes through 40 pans of beef on a busy day. 

The delicious juice from each pan is collected and put into giant vats to make the jus that each roll is dipped into. In case your wondering, all sandwiches are dipped in the beef jus. After the tour, I was ready to sink my teeth into some sandwiches.

First up was the lamb sandwich. The lamb was sliced off the bone to order and neatly packed between two freshly baked rolls dipped twice in beef jus. The meat has a distinct lamb flavor, which I enjoy and was tender and juicy. The roll held up well after being dunked twice in the luscious beef jus. Dare I say that I love it more than the beef sandwich? This is a must try for lamb lovers.

Up next was the pastrami sandwich, double dipped of course. The pastrami was fatty, well seasoned and oh so tender. The pastrami was so good, I wish I had ordered double meat. This is definitely my favorite sandwich at Philippe the Original.

Of course a visit wouldn't be complete without a side of house made potato salad. The salad had celery, sweet pickles and onions making it crunchy, sweet and tangy. 

Last, but certainly not least, the baked apple. Served warm in a sweet cinnamon broth, the baked apple was the perfect way the end the meal. The apple was tender on the inside and slightly tart, which went well with the lightly sweetened broth. A perfect way to end the meal. 

Philippe the Original
1001 N Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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