January 22, 2012

Beijing Pie House, Monterey Park

Beijing Pie House brings the famous meat filled pies of Beijing to the San Gabriel Valley. This small restaurant has been open for over a year and has received a steady stream of satisfied customers. Unless you can read Chinese characters, you might be a little confused when you walk up to the restaurant as we were. It wasn't until we looked on the Garvey side of the restaurant that we noticed the English sign for the restaurant. It was a good sign to see the restaurant nearly full as we walked in.

The menu is fairly simple and broken down into different categories. We tried to order from every category to get a good sample of the food.

Spiced Beef

The slices of beef were much thicker than what we were expecting, which made it chewier than we would have liked. We ended up making our own dipping sauce for the beef with chili, soy and vinegar. 

Celery w/Peanut

The celery salad was refreshing and crunchy. Sesame oil and salt is such a simple dressing, but works so well in this salad.

Green Onion w/Tofu

Thick slices of silken tofu sitting in a tasty soy, sesame oil and green onion sauce. The tofu was soft, but just firm enough to pick up with chopsticks. The sauce highlighted the flavor of the tofu.

Lamb Pie

Each order came with 4 giant, beautifully wrapped pies filled with the most amazing juices. We used the same sauce for the spiced beef to enjoy with these pies. The lamb was well balanced and not overpowering.

Mixed 3 Item pie

The 3 items were shrimp, egg, and pork. This was our favorite meat pie.

Homeland meat cake

This was a giant plate of flaky pie filled with minced meat. Definitely best enjoyed while it's hot.

Beijing Style Noodle

The house made noodles were thick and toothsome. We mixed everything together, including all the bean sauce and vegetables. The dish didn't work in our opinion, the sauce didn't have enough flavor to withstand the thick noodles.

Pork Soup Dumplings

Each soup dumpling had a slice of carrot underneath to prevent it from sticking to the steamer and releasing all the juices. The dumplings didn't have the rich flavor or amount of juice we are used to enjoying.

Beef Fried Dumpling

The beef filling lacked flavor and probably would have been better boiled instead of fried.

When it comes to meat pies, Beijing Pie house is the spot to go to. Skip the rest of the menu and focus your ordering on the savory pies. You won't be disappointed.

Beijing Pie House
846 E Garvey Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91755

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