November 3, 2012

Swamp House, De Bary FL

When in Florida, eat alligator! There's even a theme park dedicated to alligators where visitors get to watch them devour whole chickens among other things. We weren't visiting Gator World, but we were at DeBary Hall, a historic mansion that was once a hunting lodge for the very wealthy. Since Swamp House is just down the road, we stopped in for lunch. Who can pass up a place called Swamp House plus they serve alligator. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth stopping in just to check out the decor and have a drink or two.

Fried Gator Tail 
There were only two options for gator preparation: fried or blackened. Since I had the blackened alligator last time, we opted for fried. The hand battered gator was coated in a sweet and sour sauce that was surprisingly well balanced. The meat was very tender and the sauce had a nice citrus flavor to brighten what could have been a very heavy dish.

Jammin Jambalaya
And who can pass up jambalaya when in the South? It was loaded with shrimp, chicken and andouille sausage. The green peppers added color and texture.  It was a solid bowl of well seasoned jambalaya.

Swamp House Fish and Chips
Also hard to pass up catfish fish 'n chips. The fillets were huge and fried to perfection. The only issue was not enough sauce, but our waitress brought some extra!

Swamp House Grill
488 W. Highbanks
DeBary, FL 32713

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