November 17, 2012

Blue Bayou, Disneyland California

Ever since my first ride on Pirates of the Caribbean I have wanted to eat at the Blue Bayou. Nearly 20 years later and after countless trips to Disneyland, my dream came true! My fiance and I celebrated our engagement at the Blue Bayou. 

Complimentary rolls

Choice of gumbo or salad with every entree

Blue Bayou Seafood Jambalaya

Roasted Beef Strip Loin

From watching pirate boats flow down the river to chipper employees and the usual Disney bells and whistles, dining at the Blue Bayou was truly an experience. With the exception of food, it was everything I had hoped for. The kitchen was very heavy handed and had they been able to cut down on the salt, it would have been a good meal. The ambiance and the service did make up for the salty food, and we soaked it all up. 

Blue Bayou
Anaheim, CA

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