December 15, 2012

Tamashii Ramen House, Sherman Oaks

Ramen houses keep popping up all over the valley and Tamashii is one of the newer additions to Ventura Blvd. Ramen is certainly not a one size fits all kind of dish. With so many variations from broth to noodle to toppings, it is all about personal preference. 

Fried Lotus Roots

Pork Gyoza

Mild Tonkotsu
braised pork broth

Tamashii Combo for 2

Toothsome noodles with a bite, melt in your mouth pork chashu and a thick pork broth are what I prefer. Forget the gyoza, curry, fried rice, and other sides. At the end of the day, it's the delicious bowl of ramen that will satisfy the noodle monster in my belly. Tamashii's ramen is thick, the chashu is tender and the broth packs a punch. There is no mistaking the pork broth for anything else. I especially enjoyed the Tamashii combo. Maybe it's the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp, but there is something special about sharing a giant bowl of ramen with that special someone. Also, it comes with four pieces of gyoza and wonton so there's no fighting over that last piece. Don't worry, the ramen arrives with two small bowls if you want to split the ramen evenly down the middle.

Tamashii Ramen House
14531 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks CA 91403

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