December 22, 2012

Lawry's Prime Rib, Beverly Hills

Three years ago, I was invited by my soon to be mother-in-law to join the family in their Christmas shopping tradition. The day starts at Century City mall and ends with dinner at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills. This tradition has been in the family for so long it started when Lawry's was still across the street where the Stinking Rose is now. I had been to the restaurant before, but it wasn't until my visit with the family three years ago that I realized why it was such a special place.

During Christmas time, Lawry's has carolers that make their way through the restaurant stopping by every table taking special Christmas song requests. All dressed up in their caroling outfits and with beautiful lights strung around the restaurant, it is truly an one of a kind experience that never gets old. I can still feel the joy in the restaurant and hear the ringing of the bells. Now I can't imagine Christmas time without a trip to Lawry's.

Famous Spinning Salad

Yorkshire Pudding

Lawry's Cut Rare with Mashed Potatoes

The food at Lawry's is consistently good and the service is always on point. There aren't many restaurants where the waitresses go by "Ms." and the carvers roll around giant steel carts filled with prime rib. I can say that I've never had a bad meal at Lawry's and they really take care of their customers.

A note to first timers.

Show up at least 30 minutes early to your reservation and ask the hostess to seat you at your reservation time. Then go to the bar, snag a table, order a glass of house red or a cosmo and make your way across the bar to the potato chip and meatball station. Of course, try not to over do it on the chips and meatball or you won't have any room for dinner. Once you've made it to the dining room for dinner, do yourself a favor and order the Lawry's cut. Most pieces come with a bone and everything makes for good leftovers. Entrees comes with spinning salad, yorkshire pudding and mashed potato. If that's not enough food for you, they have plenty of side offerings. My favorites are the mushrooms and creamed spinach. Don't rush and enjoy the experience. Of course, if you celebrate Christmas, that's the best time to go.

Lawry's Prime Rib

100 N La Cienega Blvd 
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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