July 20, 2013

Natas Portuguese Bakery and Cafe, Sherman Oaks

Natas is a true gem and I am always excited to introduce this cozy Portuguese cafe to new comers. When I asked my parents where they wanted to go for their anniversary celebration, they said "some where new and different." I went through my mental rolodex and thought of Natas. The ambiance and food would certainly be a "new and different" experience for them. 

Mediterranean Platter
We started with two platters. The Mediterranean platter came with a basket of warm bread and a plate of Prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, olives and a generous sprinkle of sweet basil. There was olive oil and balsamic vinegar at every table which we used to drizzle over the cheese and tomatoes. 

Meat and cheese platter
The meat and cheese platter came with brie, gouda, mozzarella and Portuguese sausages along with walnuts, grapes and strawberries. The pork sausage was the highlight of this platter. It was slightly smoky with a nice garlic and paprika flavor and not too fatty. The cheeses were standard fare and we all would have liked an artisanal variety on the platter. A hard aged gouda or a triple cream brie would have elevated the platter.

This traditional stew was loaded with sausage, rib meat and kidney beans was served over a bed of rice. The pork ribs were fork tender and very moist. The sausage added a nice smoky flavor to the tomato sauce, which was well balanced and light. The cabbage added a sweet note to the dish and the beans and carrots gave the dish that hearty stew finish. We all wanted more after every bite.

This is my favorite dish on the menu and a must order every time I visit. The seafood stew came with salmon, sea bass, cod, shrimp, clams and mussels over a bed of potatoes. There is an option for rice, but I think it's best over potatoes. All the fish was cooked perfectly and the broth was infused with the wonderful flavors of the seafood and rounded out nicely with the flavor of tomato and white wine. The thing I love most about this dish is wide variety of seafood and each item is distinguishable with its own unique flavor. This dish is worth every penny.

My parents really enjoyed their meal and of course we had to finish with the tasty treat this charming cafe is named after: natas. Not only did we have a scrumptious meal, but the food is so well balanced and flavored that it doesn't make you feel heavy afterwards. The key is to stick with the Portuguese dishes and you won't be disappointed. I know I can't wait to go back. Who wants to join me?

Natas Pastries
13317 Ventura Blvd. #D
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


Karachi Food said...

This looks incredibly delicious, hope to see more from your side :)

Pink Foodie said...

Thanks Karachi! Hope you get to try it sometime.