June 2, 2014

Best Cherry Picking in Leona Valley

Ever since we discovered Copeland's Cherry Ranch in 2009, we have been coming back year after year to pick their sweet and certified organic cherries. In addition to cherries, they also offer sweet wild flower honey, whipped honey, duck eggs and freshly baked desserts made with cherries from the ranch. Having visited many cherry picking spots in the area, Copeland's is by far the best!

The ranch offers five cherry varieties: tieton, Utah giant, bing, rainier and benton. Each tree is marked with a colored flag with the name of the variety written on it. This comes in handy when you're walking around the ranch and all the trees start to look alike.

The Utah giant is our favorite followed by tieton and bing. These crisp and sweet cherries are hard to resist. One word of advice: pick more than you think you can eat! Before you know it, these delicious cherries will be all gone and you'll wish you had picked more. 

Be sure to say hi to David and Chari Copeland. They are the proud owners of this cherry ranch.

And don't forget to check out the gorgeous heritage ducks roaming around the property. Their eggs are absolutely delicious! Happy cherry picking.

Copeland's Cherry Ranch
9611 Leona Ave 
Leona Valley, CA 93551 


Anonymous said...

Do you know what happened to Exile Kiss?

Pink Foodie said...

Anonymous - No, I don't.