February 2, 2015

Les Papilles, Paris (6th arr)

Les Papilles is an old wine shop that has been converted into a bistro and grocery store in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, steps away from the Luxembourg Gardens. It's the kind of place where you go to enjoy a three hour meal and a few bottles of wine, while making friends with the diners at the next table. 

The restaurant offers a set dinner menu every night at a fixed price of 35 euro for a 4 course meal. The wall is also stocked full of wine and for an additional 7 euros on top of cost of the bottle, diners can enjoy the wine with their meal. It doesn't matter if it's a 20 euro bottle or 100 euro bottle of wine, the fee is the same. Don't be alarmed to see people walking around trying to pick out a bottle of wine. The staff can also suggest a bottle if you don't want to walk around and examine each bottle.

First course was a deliciously creamy and hearty carrot soup seasoned with cumin, bacon, croutons, creme and shredded carrots. Good balance of flavors and textures. The salty fattiness from the bacon and the crunchiness of the croutons worked well with the smooth and creaminess of the soup.

Second course was a beautiful platter of tender pork loin served with bell peppers, carrot, apricot, snow pea, whole garlic, pine nuts and side of creamy polenta. 

Third course was a small serving of goat cheese with olive tapenade, sliver of sundried tomato and red pepper.

The last course was a rich chocolate cream with chocolate biscuit crumble on top. A great way to end a leisurely meal in Paris. 

Les Papilles
30 Rue Gay-Lussac
75005 Paris, France
Tel : 01 43 25 20 79

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