March 9, 2017

White Bean Stew with Kale and Mushrooms | Plant Based, Oil Free, Instant Pot

One of my favorite ingredients to use are Great Northern beans. They have a wonderful creamy texture that works very well in stews and sauces. I always start with dry beans which takes additional planning to allow time for the overnight soak. It seems like lately, there is always a type of bean soaking in my kitchen. If you don't have the time to soak beans overnight, there are salt free beans in BPA free cans available in select markets. I found this to be a hearty stew that is also light and flavorful.

White Bean Stew with Kale and Mushrooms

1 cup dry Great Northern beans, soaked overnight
3 cups filtered water
1 stamp size piece of kombu
1 celery rib, diced
1 carrots, diced
1 sweet onion, diced
2 cups button mushrooms, chopped
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
2 cups baby kale
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
Salt and pepper to taste

Serves 4

Add the first eight ingredients to the Instant Pot and give it a quick stir stir. Set Instant Pot to manual for 35 minutes on high pressure. Release pressure, remove lid and stir in kale, garlic and nutritional yeast. Once the kale starts to wilt, dish out the stew and season with salt and freshly ground pepper to individual taste. If you don't enjoy heat, leave out the cayenne pepper.

If you get around to trying this recipe, let me know what you think.

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